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About us

ABOUT: The Heritage Times Media aims to build a new model and transform the system for sustainable development by promoting justice, good governance, and regional integration through investigative journalism, in-depth analysis on topical issues, and going beyond just reporting the news to provide analysis and scope on the subject matter.  This is supported with expert opinions and contributions to put the story in a broader perspective and provide answers to many questions. We also review events, movies, music, and creative art in general with the intent of promoting cultural heritage that supports African values.

The Heritage Times contributes to inclusive governance that is culturally acceptable, innovative, accountable, and transparent. The organization works to ensure social, environmental, and tax justice using appropriate communication methods in advocating for value re-orientation and active participation in community development.

The Heritage Times deliberately design strategies and approaches to enable it to take advantage of the opportunities available in the external environment. Similarly, deliberate steps and mechanisms including lobby and advocacy will be undertaken to address external threats.

A redeemed African continent where sustainable democracy thrives.

‘To facilitate transparency and accountability through investigative journalism, in-depth analysis and objective reporting, promotion of good governance, justice and economic development by working with, public and private sectors, and government institutions becoming the leading media organization that revolutionize the continent.

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